Christmas tree pickup date is January 11

Please leave the trees on top of snow banks to ensure the collectors know it needs to be picked up. Before leaving the tree at the collection site, remove all lights, ornaments, tree stands, nails, and any objects that could damage chipping equipment. According to their report, "nearly 40 percent of USA home fires that begin with Christmas trees occur in January".

LaSalle residents will have to take their trees to drop-off locations around the town. The trees will be sent to the landfill, where they will help generate methane gas while they decompose.

Since 1991, "Bring One for the Chipper" has collected over 6 million trees and provided over one million tree seedlings to participants.

Still, as the holiday season comes to an end, disposing of Christmas trees can be the last thing on your to-do list.

Following these guidelines is necessary to maintain a manageable recycling program.

Mulch will be available for free at Peenaquim Park (located off of Stafford Drive North), depending on supply.

Pickup will begin Jan. 9 and will continue until Friday Jan. 20. Residents are asked to check their collection calendar for the exact date of pickup in their area.

  • Kyle Peterson