Ford Putting Amazon's Alexa In Cars

This summer, Ford will add Alexa's in-car voice activation features in vehicles, letting you control features from the comfort of your home via voice commands. The Detroit, Michigan-headquartered automobile manufacturer is going to put Amazon's Alexa in vehicles starting this year, expanding Ford's Sync 3 Applink features considerably. Normally, this is done by knocking on the display twice, but with Alexa you just have to ask it.

Amazon is gearing to bring its voice-based virtual assistant Alexa to your living room with a new lineup of televisions and Dish's new Hopper DVR. Conversely, owners of electric Ford vehicles can use Alexa in their home to remotely ask about the car's charge and battery status, estimated range, and lock or unlock the doors. Such programs will have Alexa turn the lights on or open the garage door while the owner comes, and even start the auto prior to riding it.

Alexa, the smart voice assistant on Amazon Echo devices is now foraying wide and far into the outside world.

The new Fire TV Edition TVs will include built-in support for over-the-air (OTA) live TV in addition to the streaming channels supported as part of Amazon's Fire TV platform. Later this month it will allow drivers to connect to their vehicle via their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.

The integration, announced at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will roll out in two phases. I'm a huge Alexa fan, and I've long thought it's the flawless experience for use in-car.

Motorists can use Alexa to find a destination - like a nearby restaurant - and the address is then sent to the SYNC 3 navigation system. More than that, Alexa can control the owner's security system as pleased. "Frigidaire's Alexa skill for its connected air conditioner is just the tip of the iceberg". Amazon has recently made clear it wants Alexa to be everywhere, so its adventures on the road are unlikely to be limited to one automaker.

  • Joey Payne