Samsung may finally launch a new Galaxy Tab at MWC 2017

Samsung may finally launch a new Galaxy Tab at MWC 2017


However, Samsung Electronics is still a staple name in the industry and investors seem confident that the South Korean giant will bounce back.

Samsung aims to sell more Galaxy S8 units than its most recent predecessors, having a 60 million units goal for the handset.

Latest update: Several new rumours about the Galaxy S8 have appeared on the web over the Christmas break.

According to reports, Samsung set a higher goal this year to help with overcoming the losses which were sustained by the Galaxy Note 7's faults.

Both smartphones are built using a combination of metal and glass with silver edges. The company is rumored to unveil the Galaxy S8 in April, while the phone itself should launch worldwide shortly after. This is when the Mobile World Congress event will take place.

As with the previous Samsung Galaxy X rumors, you will want to take news of the Samsung Galaxy X1 with a dose of salt. The phones are affordable and try to come in with a decent amount of specs and features that are usually spared for the high-end Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.

The company is keen to avoid a repeat of the problems that affected its ill-fated device, which was found to overheat and even catch fire.

For instance, an earlier report from ET News indicated that Samsung may get rid of the conventional home button usually situated somewhere near the lower portion of the smartphone's front display.

The Galaxy C7 Pro will release first in China and then other countries will follow.

Mass production of the flagship is expected to commence in March, and an initial rollout of five million units of the S8 is expected each month. Samsung is paying heed to such users, giving them the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Keyboard Cover to play around with. Samsung's display unit is also likely to have performed well, driven by a recovery in the LCD business and stronger demand for OLED displays from smartphone vendors.

There appears to be some confusion between the date the Galaxy S8 is unveiled by Samsung and the date the new phone actually goes on sale, which has caused many people to speculate that the release date has been pushed back when in fact it will likely go on sale around the same time as it did past year.

  • Terrell Bush