Facebook to bring ads to videos, will split revenue with publishers

With Facebook yet to comment on the claims, it's unclear how the mid-roll videos will work with Facebook Live videos or when the ads will be introduced to the masses. We've had a lot of discussions here at Newsshooter about the pros and cons of pre-roll ads, so it will be interesting to see if this different format ends up being more popular with viewers.

Recode, citing unnamed "industry sources", on Monday reported that Facebook will soon begin showing ads inside videos, a la YouTube.

Facebook is reportedly looking to further monestise its video inventory with the testing of mid-roll ads - a move which could further incentivise content creators to consider leaving platforms like YouTube.

Facebook has placed emphasis on video over the past few years, reworking its algorithms to favor video posts uploaded on the site's native Facebook Live feature.

Previous year it started to allow some publishers to create videos sponsored by advertisers.

"If Facebook wants those TV ad dollars, they have to invest more in video".

Many websites include adverts at the beginning of their videos but adding a sponsored message whilst content is playing could be hugely frustrating for users.

However, Recode says that publishers will receive 55 per cent of revenue generated by the mid-roll ads. This decision seems to be a halfway-accord for Facebook to allow ads on its mainstream content and companies to make better videos. With advertisements coming in at least after 20 seconds of the video have passed, Facebook could well change how it counts video views. That's been a source of controversy in the media business, especially since Facebook automatically plays videos when they show up in users' feeds. Your video will also need to be at least 90 seconds in length in order to qualify for monetization.

  • Eleanor Harrison