Ford to bring back the Ranger, but not to St. Paul

Ford to bring back the Ranger, but not to St. Paul


Months after a USA union official let slip of the Bronco, which will shared the revised T6 ladder platform of the new Ford Ranger ute due in 2019, the car-maker confirmed the news at the Detroit auto show overnight. The announcement was made by the automaker at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday.

Both new auto models will be manufactured at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant, which was announced previously by UAW plant boss Bill Johnson after criticism from Trump about Ford sending jobs to Mexico, according to Automobile magazine. At a press conference today, Ford announced that it will bring the Bronco and Ranger nameplates back to the U.S. starting in 2019.

The Ranger-based Ford Everest SUV could be the basis of the upcoming 2019 Bronco.

Ford Bronco had a successful run for 30 years from 1966 to 1996 before the company chose to cease the production due to fall in sales.

The Ranger is a medium-sized pickup that last appeared in North America in 2011; it is, however, still being built in Thailand, South Africa, and Argentina for a world market outside of Canada and the USA, where it competes with the Volkswagen Amarok and Toyota Hilux, two other trucks not seen on our shores.

You heard it here first, folks: Ford is not likely to attempt to market the new Ford Bronco with OJ Simpson jokes.

The last time a Bronco rolled off the assembly line, the year was 1996.

Ford had sold the earlier iteration of the Ranger in the the 1983 to 2012 model years.

The Bronco will be a midsized vehicle as well, since it will share its architecture with the Ranger.

Both Ford and Dana declined to say what style of axles the Bronco would use, namely whether they'd be solid axles.

Ford officials said that it will be a no-compromised, mid-sized, 4x4 SUV designed for thrill seekers who want freedom and off-road functionality with the space and versatility of an SUV. That is why there are certain details (drivetrain combinations, price points) that I won't give more than a vague answer on - I know what direction it's heading, but those are details that, if leaked, would start a witch hunt. President-elect Donald Trump leveraged criticism at the USA automaker for moving small auto production to Mexico, a decision that has since changed.

Ford's Ranger isn't sold in the USA now, but the midsize pickup is still sold in other parts of the world.

  • Terrell Bush