Man ticketed for warming up auto in own driveway

Like many residents do in the middle of winter, Taylor left his vehicle unlocked and running in the driveway, hoping it would warm up by the time he returned.

Taylor told WDIV that he started his vehicle Tuesday morning and went inside for five minutes while it warmed up.

When he went back outside, he had received a ticket that said "motor vehicle unattended".

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said the law is meant to decrease auto thefts. Taylor Trupiano told WXYZ he's still shaking his head over a parking ticket he got on his own property.

Trupiano posted a photo of the parking ticket on Facebook because he had never heard of anyone being fined for a similar offense.

"That would have been respectful", Taylor said. "You see it all the time, people hop in a running auto and steal them".

One footnote for those who practice Taylor's habit of warming up the vehicle: Mechanics say the old-school ritual is no longer necessary in the era of fuel-injected engines, notes USA TODAY. Berlin said the police officer was following protocol when issuing the ticket.

Roseville Police Department issued the ticket, which was a U.S. $128 fine.

WXYZ reports there is no state law that forbids motorists from keeping the auto turned on and unattended, but some MI cities do have local ordnances.

"I did want to say that I would like to retract my statement calling the officer a dips-t". In fact, today's cars tend to warm up more quickly being driven rather than idling.

Michigan, like OH, makes it illegal to leave a vehicle unattended while the motor is running.

"I was there for maybe seven or eight minutes before I noticed the ticket", he told CBS Detroit, noting that he was at his girlfriend's house to drop off diapers for her young son.

Taylor Trupiano was amazed to come out to his motor, which he had running in the early morning to heat it up.

  • Annette Adams