Netanyahu urges Britain to join new Iran sanctions

In a meeting Monday with British PM Theresa May, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was evasive about supporting a two-state solution [Israel GPO] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured his British counterpart, Theresa May, of his desire for peace in a meeting Monday in London.

The Israeli PM has sparked controversy in the last few weeks by backing the building of 3,000 new settlement homes in a policy some have claimed breaks global law.

"We face challenges, that's very clear, from militant Islam and especially from Iran".

"Iran seeks to annihilate Israel".

"And it offers provocation after provocation". That's why I welcome President Trump's insistence on new sanctions against Iran.

He said he and May see "eye to eye concerning the danger of Iran's aggression", and that they talked about the need to get tougher on Iran.

He said he aims to speak to both the British government and the USA, in a visit "next week", about "tightening relations" with Israel. British left wing groups are protesting against Israel in front of 10 Downing Street while pro-Israel activists are planning a parallel demonstration.

Netanyahu said Monday that he shares with the United Kingdom "the aspiration for peace and will never give up" in pursuing it. The two were also expected to discuss trade issues in light of Britain's impending exit from the union.

Settler outposts are considered illegal under both Israeli and worldwide law. "All these words take no notice and it is time we take action". After days of silence on the plans, the administration issued a statement last week saying settlements aren't an obstacle to peace but further building "may not be helpful" to achieving peace. "The Palestinians benefit by the Israeli settlements as they gain employment and live in harmony".

Having failed to block world powers' 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, Netanyahu is trying to drum up worldwide support for a harder line against Tehran now that Trump has taken office.

He defended the slogan on his t-shirt by declaring that "Israel is the rightful home for the Jewish people" and that Netanyahu was "a good man". They say the settlements, home to 600,000 Israelis, are making it increasingly impossible to partition the land into two states - a position that has wide global backing.

Mrs May said she made the Government's "position clear" when the two leaders met at Number 10 on Monday for talks. The government has said it considers the matter "closed".

  • Rogelio Becker