LeBron calls report he wants a Love-Carmelo swap 'trash'

James denied that after the Cavaliers defeated the Washington Wizards 140-135 in overtime on Monday.

"I saw it. I saw it and heard about it". The four-time NBA MVP hadn't been whistled for six fouls in a game since January 2014. I'm going to be on this team.

"It's a lie. If 'Bron has had any problem with me...it's just not true".

"And then last night, you have no idea what you're gonna get mid-season", he said.

Watch the full final five minutes of the game below and for the epic three pointer, go to 2:20. "So I feel pretty blessed to have two good games like that back-to-back". This time, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward hit a last-second, turn around fadeaway 3-pointer, off the glass, to send the game into overtime.

The Wizards proved, if nothing else, they belong in the same breath as the NBA's top teams, that their 14 wins over their previous 16 games - and 17 straight home wins - were no fluke. It's not about whether or not they will advance that far, or even if they are putting themselves in the best position to make a run (although the bench could use some work, Ernie). I could mention that Markieff Morris fouled out on Washington's end, but I already referred to LeBron as one of the better players in National Basketball Association history so probably best to not act like I'm comparing the impacts of the two for their respective teams. "I think Scott [Brooks] has done a wonderful job and he's cultivated a real bond among the players", Harlan said. In the same media outlet, Love commented: "I predicted that". It just means that people like you and they're trying to acquire you. The reality is that super teams have always existed only this time they are being formed by the players rather than the front office. "[Markieff] Morris plays his role well and he's got grit, and [Marcin] Gortat's got the same and he's got some reach and he's fearless around the rim". Just say who you are. "And what team isn't?" And it definitely wasn't about them settling old scores with the Cavaliers, as close to 10 years have passed since their three playoff meetings.

"And it's a guard-oriented, wing-spacing, shooting league", he said. It's kind of hard to process when you're a younger player - your name in trades and rumors - but after you get used to it, you realize it's really a sign of value.

  • Eleanor Harrison