Rosie O'Donnell offers to play Trump's strategist Steve Bannon on SNL

Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist, has faced criticism for his background overseeing Breitbart News, with Democrats touting numerous racially tinged and misogynistic headlines that went up under his watch.

Rosie O'Donnell says she's ready to serve her country.

On Monday evening, Rosie O'Donnell said on Twitter that she would absolutely be willing to play Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live to annoy the Trump administration.

So, naturally, O'Donnell, who has had a longstanding feud with Trump, seems like a flawless fit to rile more than a few of his feathers.

"[Trump] left the first wife, had an affair. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie, '" noted Vanity Fair's Johanna Robinson, who also noted that "Trump had made it clear that he has certain expectations when it comes to gender", Vanity Fair's Johanna Robinson wrote. But for O'Donnell-a plus-sized, gay woman-to step into the role of the power behind Trump's throne might just be the thing to send the president over the edge.

While McCarthy's turn as Spicer was well received on social media - the "SNL" clip now claims more than 16 million views on YouTube - Politico reported that the impression of the Trump staffer, compete with gum-eating, significant "pushback" towards the press and the added bonus of some podium-ramming, may have been damaging to Spicer in the eyes of Trump.

"Sources said the caricature of Spicer by McCarthy struck a nerve and was upsetting to the press secretary and to his allies, who immediately saw how damaging it could be in Trump world", the story read.

Spicer has largely laughed off McCarthy's send-up of him.

Bannon was portrayed as the Grim Reaper on Saturday's episode.

  • Kyle Peterson