What Is Right-To-Work?

The law will go into effect August 28.

"For too long in the state of Missouri, for too long people bowed down to intimidation, they bowed down to powerful union bosses who acted to protect their own interests instead of protecting the interest of Missouri workers", Greitens said. Unions, who more typically back Democrats, contend the inability to collect dues keeps them from bargaining for important rights and benefits for their workers and curbs their political influence. Folks at today's bill signing don't want it in Missouri.

"Rather than working to strengthen the middle class and create jobs, Missouri lawmakers are choosing to wage an attack on the working people of this state", said Jim Kabell, President of the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Teamsters and Joint Council 56 in Kansas City, Mo.

The Columbia facility and the new Springfield Clinical Campus that opened in June could face tight operating budgets and increased difficulty hiring faculty if state funding is halted, said Weldon Webb, the university's associate dean for Springfield Clinical Campus Implementation.

The other signing ceremonies were held Monday in Poplar Bluff and at the Capitol in Jefferson City. Immediately after Greitens signed the legislation, the Missouri chapters of the AFL-CIO and NAACP filed paperwork to put right to work on the 2018 ballot.

Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh told reporters after right to work passed the House on Thursday that she's now most concerned about the pending prevailing-wage proposals.

"The labor unions had resolved themselves to the fact that we were going to do right to work", Brown said.

"I'm thinking about Missouri families, especially union families, that will benefit from this".

Miller believes right-to-work helps companies rather than employees while undermining the strength of unions and lowering pay rates. Kentucky legislators passed a similar law earlier this year, and legislators in New Hampshire are working on their own version. Union leaders are seeking to either change the reverse the law or change the constitution and make right-to-work illegal in the show me state.

  • Annette Adams