Matt Damon Dresses as Tom Brady and Sneaks Onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Matt Damon has managed to sneak onto Jimmy Kimmel Live yet again. "He flew all the way from Houston". Damon, channeling Brady, responded, "I just haven't had time to change, um, because I've been fired up, I've been fired up, and, yeah, I just, kinda don't ever wanna take it off".

He did it! Matt Damon snuck onto Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, February 6 dressed as Tom Brady, to finally land himself a spot on the show.

"We have a surprise guest with us", Kimmel told the audience.

Kimmel and his staff were excited to learn that they were going to have New England Patriots quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady on the show for Monday night's episode.

When Kimmel asked him if he was even happier with this win after Deflategate, Damon said he's "not focused on the past". But as Damon refused to take off his "lucky helmet", Kimmel grew suspicious, yanking the helmet off to reveal none other than Damon who, overjoyed, proclaimed, "Touchdown!"

"Hey, if I'm not on the show right now, where am I?"

Kimmel fired back: "Unless you're on the couch, you're not a guest on the show".

Damon finished off his appearance with a celebratory interview backstage with Rich Eisen.

"I've worked so hard for this and, you know, all the years of - I think it's 14 years of being in the dressing room and thinking, 'I'm gonna get out, ' and we never gave up", he joked.

  • Kyle Peterson