Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul outraged by Knicks' handling of Charles Oakley

So when the fans see one of the most beloved members of the team being escorted; well, more thrown out of Madison Square Garden by a dozen or so security guards and New York City police officers, then being cuffed and arrested, it's a bad look and sends the wrong message to the fans.

Oakley, who purchased a ticket to the Knicks' game, was attempting to approach Knicks' owner James Dolan.

Oakley, who was a feared enforcer on the court, played for the Knicks from 1988 to 1998 and is beloved by many NY fans. "When several Knicks officials became aware of where Oakley was seated, security guards approached Oakley and asked him why he was here".

Oakley spectacle another loss for Knicks: The voice echoed through the catacombs of Madison Square Garden.

Something tells me the answer is somewhere in the middle, like it always is.

Oakley apologized for his actions last night despite the conflict of stories between his point of view and the Knicks camp. I mean, it's not like Oakley could have possibly said something "offensive" to Dolan that wasn't also basically accurate, right? What took place with Charles Oakley during the Knicks and Clippers game will go down in infamy.

For younger readers, Charles Oakley is who Charles Barkley wants you to think he is.

Jackson then coach of the Chicago Bulls and Oakley catch up during a game in 1991. Pic Getty
Jackson then coach of the Chicago Bulls and Oakley catch up during a game in 1991. Pic Getty

Many people have taken notice of the ugly incident and are tying the New York Knicks to it.

Dolan is named as a defendant in a massive lawsuit filed by team executive Anucha Browne-Sanders after she was sacked while claiming that former Knicks coach/GM Isiah Thomas had sexually harassed her.

Oakley has been critical of the struggling team over the years. And if Manute Bol could have learned English in time, CSU might have had a mid-1980s front line of the 7-foot-7 Bol, 6-8 Oakley and 6-6 Clinton Smith (the Ohio State transfer who played briefly in the NBA). His relationship with team President Phil Jackson has been strained due to numerous public comments and meetings. That was a tough thing to watch.

After the Knicks assured everyone that they would match any offer for Jeremy Lin after his surprising star turn with the Knicks, Dolan is reportedly angered by the poison pill contract put together by the Houston Rockets in the summer of 2012 and ordered ties cut with Lin.

The former Knicks All-Star says he didn't start the altercation. Honestly, the players could see me.

Again, those who want to believe Oakley will and those who want to side with the Knicks will do the same.

  • Stacy Allen