150-year-old wedding dress found thanks to Facebook

A 150-year-old hand-made antique wedding gown has been retrieved following a social media plea by a distressed bride in Scotland, months after it was lost.

After her post went viral and an appearance on SKY News, the administrators were forced to contact Tess saying that the dress had been found by the shop landlord in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Now it has emerged that officials at Edinburgh's concert venue Queen's Hall are in talks to showcase the now famous Edwardian lace frock.

The dress was kept in the loft of Joanna Torin, 88, and didn't see the light of day for decades before Tess got it out.

'I went up to the attic and found it in the box all wrapped up in tissue paper and when I held it up I couldn't believe it, it was just so handsome and it didn't need all that much adjustment.

Tess Newall told The Edinburgh Reporter that she had lost her much loved wedding dress which she wore at her East Lothian wedding in June 2016.

Tess Newall had worn the dress at her wedding past year - but it went missing when the dry cleaners they gave it to went bust. Kleen Cleaners' landlord noticed Newall's story online.

'He really searched and he found a pile of old lace which he realised was what he thought was the dress.

"Someone from the administrators turned up at the shop from Glasgow and said my parents couldn't take it", said set designer Tess. However, he assured that it will be delivered safely back by Monday. Her earlier correspondence with the drycleaners had earned her a reponse which took away the little hope she might have had.

Her father heard back from Wylie & Bisset the firm who are acting in the sequestration of the previous owner of the long-established dry cleaners in a letter received just yesterday morning.

Dress: Belonged to great-great grandmother. "Apparently, it's the best thing to air old garments as they're so fragile".

"My family can't thank you all enough for creating this frenzy which allowed us into the shop before it was cleared, and are over the moon to be *almost* reunited with Dora's dress'".

An AiB spokeswoman said: "Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) was appointed as trustee in this case".

  • Kyle Peterson