Watch cop save fast food restaurant from burning truck

On Saturday night, Glenn Heights officer Chris Womack was dispatched to a Jack in the Box on South Beckley Road, where a Ford F-150 sat in the drive-thru, smoking heavily and engulfed in flames.

The actions of a quick-thinking Texas police officer likely kept a Dallas County restaurant from going up in flames.

He successfully moved the vehicle away from the building using his patrol vehicle.

The incident happened after Officer Chris Womack received a call on February 11 about the truck on fire in the drive-thru line of a Jack-in-the-Box.

The driver of the pickup, his wife and his daughter were able to escape without any injuries.

Thanks to his quick thinking, major damage to the building was prevented. It is Officer Womack's first year on patrol.

Officer Womack nudged the truck with his patrol vehicle.

After moving the truck, Womack then radioed back to base to tell them that he pushed the truck into the parking lot, but he's not sure if the restaurant had caught on fire. "It was just a God-send that I was here at that particular time".

  • Annette Adams