ZTE Gigabit Phone Reveal Confirmed For MWC 2017

Nevertheless a gigabit phone sure looks promising if it can deliver both 1Gbps speed and proper performance. Also, the phone will allow for instant cloud storage and will focus on 5G and what the company calls as the Internet of Everything.

ZTE will reportedly announce its first gigabit LTE smartphone - fittingly - at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

If we had to take a guess, the ZTE Gigabit Phone is more about showing off and teasing the technology to consumers, while partnering with carriers for testing it on next-gen networks.

ZTE, in addition, is also looking to launch a string of mobile devices in its mid-tier Blade line-up at the upcoming MWC event that starts from February 27 in Barcelona, Spain.

ZTE has said that it's going to unveil the ZTE Gigabit Phone at the Mobile World Congress 2017 later this month. All we know, for now, is that the Gigabit Phone will be able to make 360-degree VR and 4K video possible on the move.

Now, let's talk a bit more about this smartphone, shall we. It's good to see that smartphone makers are future-proofing their phones to be ready for newer experiences and technological innovations well in advance. In January we couldn't tell you much about the elusive phone, but now we can even reveal its name. Do you think we really need such high speeds or are you perfectly content with 4G LTE as it stands?

  • Joey Payne