Italian Restaurant Offers Discount For Well-Behaved Kids

Exhausted of children misbehaving and interrupting other diners, an Italian wine bar has introduced a 5 per cent discount to reward patrons with polite children.

An Italian restaurateur has been offering discounts to families whose children display extraordinary etiquette as they partake of their meals while staying quiet and not ruining other customers' dining experience.

"When you get parents who are rude, the kids think they can doanything".

It's a well-known, stereotypical scene: Italian children plaguing customers' lunches at restaurants with their rowdy behaviour under the benevolent glance of their parents.

The idea to offer the educational sort of discount came following a dining "spectacle" which Ferrari witnessed one Sunday afternoon. He was particularly impressed when, after finishing their meals, the children worked on their times tables and colouring books as the parents drank their wine.

Penne saving: polite children secure discount at Italian restaurant
Italian Restaurant's "Polite Children" Discount Is Creative & Most Parents Are All For The Initiative

Ferrari's picture of the discounted receipt received mostly words of praise and congratulations on social media - but some parents were ruffled.

The family was reportedly so pleased with the discount that they returned the favor with a generous 30 euro tip for the waiter, reports Corriere Della Sera. "It was just lovely to watch how they were interacting at the table, with such composure".

Mr Ferrari, who does not have children, said he was not attempting to pass judgement on people's parenting adding: "I imagine how hard it is today".

Nevertheless, he thought something had to be done to rein-in children splashing water in the restaurant's bathrooms and bothering other customers by running around tables.

  • Santos West