Disney Creates Room That Magically Charges Multiple Devices

Disney Creates Room That Magically Charges Multiple Devices


But getting it to work has been a bit of a problem, with the extent of modern wireless power coming mostly in the form of electric toothbrushes or flat charging pads for phones. The mobile Kiva robots are battery-powered and need to recharge for five minutes every hour. And its latest invention is a technology that wirelessly powers any device.

"This new innovative method will make it possible for electrical power to become as ubiquitous as WiFi", said Alanson Sample, associate lab director and principal research scientist at Disney Research.

An experimental demonstration showed that in a 16×16x7.5-ft room with a floor, ceiling and walls made of painted aluminum sheet metal, the QSCR could deliver power to small coil receivers in almost any position with 40% to 95% efficiency. This copper pipe will have 15 capacitors in it connected to the generator outside the room to produce a magnetic field. Depending on where an object is in the room, the researchers estimate efficiency levels to be between 40 and 95 percent. If the technology sees wide-scale adoption, it could also significantly alter electrical wiring in the built environment - if not minimizing behind-the-wall MEP systems, at the very least cutting down on the need for multiple room outlets.

The receivers use a coil of wire to resonate at the same frequency, providing power to a device.

Moreover, with this tech in hand, one can potentially charge their devices even when they are several feet away from the charging point.

In recent years, regulatory agencies have adopted strict safety guidelines for the use of far-field magnetic resonance devices like the Tesla coil.

Disney Research has shared that 1,900 watts is the preferable limit of power and that too if the same amount is being used by the devices in the room.

Though standing in a room with electricity looping at 1.3 million times per second may sound scary, Disney's researchers say that it's completely safe to be inside the room. Instead, you just need to enter a room and your worries of having a dead phone are no more. Its volumetric wireless power system can keep hundreds of devices powered with no wires whatsoever. The researchers believe that as they refine the technology, it will be possible reduce the required metal for interiors.

  • Terrell Bush