Caught On Camera: Truck Launches Into Air During High Speed Pursuit

A high-speed chase ended badly for an 18-year-old fugitive after he was sent careening several feet into the air upon losing control of a stolen pickup in Webster Parish, Louisiana.

A quick move to the right, toward her passenger seat.

CNN reports the truck lost control and went airborne, hitting a parked vehicle with a woman inside.

Deputies say he and another person were speeding down Hwy.

Video shows Austin losing control of the truck after hitting spike strips, going airborne and then landing on a parked vehicle - with a woman sitting inside.

The woman said she moved to the passenger side of her auto seconds before the crash - something she believes saved her life.

The driver was unhurt, but you can tell from the incredible damage to the truck just how violent that crash was when he landed.

A woman in the parked vehicle was able to escape unharmed.

Austin landed on a Barbara Harlon's Toyota Corolla after the truck's leap. "God was with me", he said. "I felt around to see if I was hurt and could tell that I was okay", Harlon told local news station KSLA.

The suspect, who two weeks earlier had ditched a work-release program after finishing his shift, then led the law on a 50-mile pursuit at speeds up to 115 miles an hour, running several officers off the road, the sheriff said.

Both Austin and the driver were taken into custody.

  • Annette Adams