So Patrick Stewart's Going to be in Deadpool Now?

This places it well ahead of the $53,113,752 the second Wolverine film - The Wolverine- took in during its opening weekend in July 2013.

Yep, Wolverine is dead and buried by the end of Logan. Box office income could quickly surpass that by this week. "It's another entry in the tireless X-Men saga but doesn't play like a retread or an ad for the next installment; instead, it plays, looks and sounds like a movie - an old- school meets new-school pulp filled with intimations of mortality, and raw, ugly violence". In part, this was largely because both films had to adhere to a PG-13 rating.

Way back when 20th Century Fox was in early development on Logan, Hugh Jackman asked fans what they would like to see in his X-Men swansong, with the actor subsequently revealing that there was a lot of support for Sabretooth making his return to the big screen.

The current Wolverine film Logan is also doing very well overseas, already taking in $152,500,000 outside the United States.

Riding a wave of positive reviews from just about every critic and outlet, Logan ripped into the U.S. box office and came back with a total victory.

Hugh Jackman first played Wolverine in the year 2000 in the film X-Men. While Logan earns a living by driving a limousine, getting drunk and getting into fights, Xavier's disintegrating mind compels him to stay sedated in order to keep his colossal psychic powers under control.

As Variety reported, the "Logan" movie made $85.3 million in its debut weekend so far, and is set to take in more.

"Logan" is also another R-rated superhero success for Fox, which previous year hit it big with the surprise superhero blockbuster "Deadpool". Logan \/em , along with Deadpool \/em , may have shifted the paradigm to allow for more R-rated flavors in the superhero genre. Wolverine in the comic books is violent, bloody and unmerciful, so to finally see that version of the character onscreen was inevitably going to result in massive Logan box office numbers.

  • Eleanor Harrison