Chance the Rapper just launched a crowdfund to help Chicago Public Schools

During a press conference at Wescott Elementary School in Chicago, the rapper said he plans to donate $1 million to Chicago public schools.

In addition to the $1 million donation, Chance said he would give $10,000 directly to Westcott Elementary, where Dockery told reporters that would save afterschool math and reading enrichment classes.

Illinois ranks dead last when it comes to funding public education, Chance the rapper explained, likely referring to a 2015 study iniated by the Illinois Association of School Administrators.

This story will be updated following Monday's press conference. The pension idea, if executed, would get Rauner a long-sought item from his legislative and economic wish list while requiring Democrats who control the General Assembly to go against their union allies who oppose the changes to the retirement system.

"This isn't about politics, this isn't about posturing", he said.

"Do your job, Gov. Rauner", Chance said.

Mahoney said the city should revise its policy and allow TIF districts to collect dollars for education funding, saying the idea "represents a compromise that both attracts business investment and supports public schools". CPS is the only school district in IL that must pick up almost the entire cost for its teachers' pensions. Bruce Rauner failed to find a way to end the financial crisis engulfing Chicago's schools.

The school district echoed that call.

Mayoral spokesman Adam weighed in, too, characterizing Rauner's latest proposals as "no solution at all". Bennett implored corporations and fellow celebrities to follow his example and donate to fill CPS' current $215 million funding gap.

Rauner's office did not immediately comment on Chance's announcement. CPS accused Rauner and the state of discriminating against Chicago's minority students in the way schools are funded, especially around teacher pension funding. Rauner says he wants long-term reforms.

  • Kyle Peterson