Pregnant SC mom reenacts giraffe cam on Facebook Live

"I have become obsessed with checking on this "April the Giraffe" live feed all night long, seeing if she has had her baby yet", she told local news station WTSP.

April changed some of her behaviors overnight Friday; she choose new spots to stand and sleep and strayed off her usual naptime routine, the Animal Adventure Park said. "This evening, keeper report suggests a bit more calm now", the zoo wrote.

Millions of people have tuned in to watch April move around her stall in anticipation of the big day. How's the giraffe April?

Zookeepers say they expected April to give birth to her fourth child in January or February, but may have miscalculated the date of conception - which accounts for the now-extended coverage.

"There is a significant amount of belly movement and tail raising", the post noted. Check out the latest and view the photo below.

Some Twitter users are confused about why April giraffe has achieved celebrity status despite not doing much as the wait continues. Once April goes into active labor, zookeepers will go in to help her the rest of the way.

The baby will weigh around 150 pounds, and be around 6 feet tall at birth. You may find more information on April's official website below.

When the baby will be born is still anybody's guess.

  • Santos West