Chicago Businesses Mark "A Day Without A Woman" With Strikes, Rallies

Millions of people around the world are marking International Women's Day, in what campaigners are saying is the most political global event of its kind yet.

The impact of the strike is already being felt in the United States. With women being the most active consumer base in America, not shopping on Wednesday is another way to send a message without striking.

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"'A Day without a Woman' should remind us that women's labor - paid, unpaid, and emotional - keeps our city and this country running", Gym said. The first women's day took place in February of 1909 as 15,000 women marched through the streets of New York City in a demonstration aimed at securing higher pay, better working conditions and the right to vote, USA Today reported.

'I would like to participate in "The Day Without Women" protest.

Following on the Women's March, which saw several million people across the USA protest the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January, women across the US and around the world are striking for the day. The fact is, that if domestic workers decide not to work, they may lose their jobs, but for many of them, since the election, such dramatic risk defines their daily existence. In Washington, D.C., alone that day, more than 50 restaurants closed their doors; school districts in Texas saw their admission drop by nearly 40 percent; and marches took place in major cities.

Many prominent women's websites, including Bustle and The Cut, plan on not publishing any new content on Wednesday.

They have scheduled rallies and other events all over the world, including here in the Bay Area, to show opposition to the policies of the Trump administration and to make a big push for women's equality.

She said: "International Women's Day is a day is to celebrate the achievements and steps we have made over the years". The argument frustrates her, because she says it is not only about rights, but issues like sexual assault, women's reproductive health and restrictive legislative measures.

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