AT&T glitch prevents wireless customers from making 911 calls

The Federal Communications Commission will investigate what caused an outage that left AT&T customers unable to dial 911 Wednesday evening.

The cell network outage only affected AT&T cell phone subscribers. AT&T has not said what the issue is or which areas are affected. However, the company did not offer an explanation for why the issue occurred in the first place. These AT&T customers did not experience any disruption in normal service when dialing 7-digit or 10-digit phone numbers.

March 8 Some customers of US wireless carrier AT&T were unable to use their cell phones to dial 911 emergency dispatchers in their area for a time on Wednesday, a problem the company later said has been resolved.

AT&T wireless customers across the USA are experiencing outages affecting 9-1-1 calls, the company acknowledged in a tweet. Working to resolve ASAP. Less than an hour later, AT&T said it had "resolved" the 911-outage problem and repeated its apology.

The issue was not caused by 911 failures, but by as-yet unknown or unexplained AT&T problems.

911 handles 240 million calls a year, according to the National Emergency Number Association.

A number of local law enforcement agencies across the country have also notified the public. An FCC spokesman said the agency was trying to determine how many people were affected but noted the investigation had just begun.

  • Joey Payne