Woman tells 911: Boss will kill me if I leave this mansion

The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes there could be more victims of a man accused of holding women against their will in a million-dollar Sandy Springs home.

During the 911 call, the 20 year old woman speaking in a soft, hesitant and sometimes shaky voice told a dispatcher that her 'boss' carried a gun and had sent her to get plastic surgery (hold on to your hats kids...) telling the woman she could leave anytime, while threatening to kill her if she did.

Roberts waived his first court appearance Thursday morning and was returned to the Fulton jail, where he will be held without bond until March 23, when he's expected to return to court.

She said there were cameras and weapons in the home.

Sgt. Worsham says Sandy Springs police have not seen a case like this before, but "it is a hot topic right now". She said she was the only woman who wanted to leave.

"He is a unsafe man who constantly threatened the girls and even told them he would hurt their families if they left", the Roswell mother said.

Roberts faces multiple charges including human trafficking.

Roberts reportedly kept all the money that the women earned while working at the club. The Roswell mother, who did not want to identify herself, said her daughter joined the so-called business Roberts was allegedly running back in August, just two months after she graduated from high school. "I don't have to worry about paying bills.' It's glamorized", said McClure, who began the nonprofit in 2005 after leaving the sex industry herself.

"He is so smart". Authorities are interviewing the other women and said additional charges could be coming.

"She stated that Kendrick had threatened her on numerous times, one instance where he stated be was going to pay someone to cut her chest open, take out the implants and cut her up", a detective wrote in an affidavit.

The woman told the dispatcher that she was planning to run out of the house and call a vehicle to pick her up and take her to the airport because she had to catch a flight home to Orlando that friends booked for her.

  • Rogelio Becker