Trump adviser admits to contact with DNC hacker

Twitter messages sent to Guccifer 2.0 this week failed to garner a response. In the piece, he attributes the DNC leaks to Guccifer 2.0, not Russian Federation.

The Twitter exchange took place after the DNC leak, following a Breitbart article penned by Stone.

In one message from August 14, Stone said he was "delighted" that Guccifer 2.0's Twitter account had been reinstated after being suspended.

While Guccifer 2.0 maintained that he was acting on his own, the USA intelligence community has concluded with "high confidence" that it was controlled by Russian military intelligence.

"The content of the exchange is, as you can see completely innocuous and perfunctory", Mr.

Two days later, Stone also asked Guccifer 2.0 to promote a column he had written.

Roger Stone, the political operative and close associate of Trump, told The Washington Times that he exchanged "completely innocuous" messages online with the Twitter handle that is believed to be behind the hack of Hillary Clinton's top aide John Podesta. The hackers wrote in an email to the Smoking Gun, "Hi".

Roger Stone, President Trump's former campaign advisor, on Friday admitted to having private conversations with a hacker who helped leak information from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during last year's campaign.

The Smoking Gun reported earlier this week that US authorities had obtained private messages sent between the two accounts during the course of conducting a federal investigation. Guccifer 2.0 on August 17 messaged Stone: "i'm pleased to say that u r great man".

According to the USA intelligence community, Russian hackers penetrated the DNC and other targets prior to releasing the documents to websites, including WikiLeaks, during the course of an multi-pronged operation meant to influence last year's White House race. Stone is one of several Trump campaign officials reportedly under FBI investigation for possible links to Russian Federation.

Trump has denied knowing that any staff had communicated with Russian Federation during the campaign.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security last December released a joint report detailing how federal investigators linked the Russian government to hacks of Democratic Party organizations. Emails stolen from the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign were later released by the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks.

Stone denied any connection to the hacks at the time.

He said that it would "soon" be "Podesta's time in the barrel", shortly before the website rolled out the controversial emails.

  • Rogelio Becker