Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, first-look review at SXSW

Edgar Wright has been awfully quiet lately.

We only get just a taste of that soundtrack and getaway action, but it's just enough to get me super excited for August to get here immediately. Wright had better be holding back hours of footage of an adorable baby (or babies!) performing wonderful stunts behind the wheel of a auto (or cars!) or he's going to have a lot of angry moviegoers.

Let's face it, there's really only one thing you want when you buy a ticket to a movie called Baby Driver, and it's not Simon and Garfunkel. Fortunately, Wright is returning this year with "Baby Driver" and it looks like it's going to be his own insanely cool remix of Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive".

Though it's still a ways away from hitting theaters, the pic made its debut at the South by Southwest festival tonight and to drum up some hype, the first trailer has been released online, giving us a look at what seems to be another inventive and exciting piece of work from Edgar Wright. Check out the rip-roaring official and global trailers, which are very different and both worth watching, down below...

Baby Driver will be headed up by Elgort - he'll play the titular getaway speedster - our unlikely hero who suffers from tinnitus, a hearing condition that results in a constant ringing sound reverberating through his ears.

Inspired in part by the likes of Point Break and The Driver, Baby Driver will handbrake turn into cinemas from 16 August. Working behind the wheel to pay off a debt to Kevin Spacey's snarky, self-satisfied crime boss Doc, Baby is a young man of few words but an extensive array of Ipods and sunglasses.

  • Kyle Peterson