Tesla's Model 3 spotted out in the wild in new video

Tesla's Model 3 spotted out in the wild in new video


After Elon Musk revealed the upcoming Tesla Motors Model 3 previous year, a new video has been floating in the surfaced over the weekend. The much awaited and already famous Model 3 is due to arrive sometime in the next year.

According to a report issued by the Autocar, the Tesla Model Y is going to be ready for public consumption by 2018.

One of the challenges for Tesla in Model Y will be incorporating battery without dropping range.

The Tesla Model Y is part of the company's plans to increase its yearly vehicle production.

Late last week, new photos and video footage of a Tesla Model 3 prototype emerged online. The rumor is that the Model Y might cost around $45,000. And it does look like the Tesla Model 3 is ready for the customers even months before its actual release. While the Model 3 is semi-autonomous, the Model Y is expected to have full autonomy, although, customers would have to shell out $8,000 on the top of the price of the vehicle to avail the feature.

From having seven seats, a commanding driving position and a comfortable cabin with low running costs, zero tail-pipe emissions and brilliant performance, auto lovers say that Tesla's Model X totally re-writes the rule book for SUVs which supposedly changes it into a smooth, lavish object of vehicle craving.

As Tesla has grown more successful with each passing year, the company's plans for EV domination has become far more ambitious. Autocar posits that the cost of the hardware alone should make this system an option that will be priced just south of $10,000 per vehicle: Versions of the auto without this system should also be offered as base models, per Tesla custom.

Per the company's recent shareholder letter, "Model 3 vehicle development, supply chain and manufacturing are on track to support volume deliveries in the second half of 2017".

  • Terrell Bush