Pump bursts into flames after vehicle crashes into gas station

Witnesses said the SUV kept heading eastbound, and it appears the driver tried to brake then lost control. The SUV managed to go another two blocks, seemingly at full speed, before crashing through a gas station parking lot, splitting a pair of gas pumps and then slamming into a third. The driver reportedly lost control and sent another auto into a tree, before crashing into the gas pump.

No, it's a video of one Uber driver who lost control of his auto and careened straight through a gas pump, creating a massive fireball that was all caught on video.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a gas station attendant in Seattle, we can think of one or two who are now in need of a new job.

Police said the SUV was racing away from a nearby intersection after clipping a vehicle and pushing it off the road.

The 35-year-old male Honda driver was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, the police and fire departments said.

A Seattle woman was likely left steaming mad - and perhaps a little burned, too - after her 60-year-old Uber driver took her on an unexpected detour through a Shell gas station that ended in a fireball earlier this week. The female passenger sustained minor injuries. Police, who administered a sobriety test at the scene, later took a sample of the driver's blood for analysis.

Now in terms of this accident, it's currently under investigation by Seattle police.

  • Annette Adams