Marvel's 'Iron Fist' Ravaged By Critics, Star Finn Jones Blames Donald Trump

Danny Rand (Finn Jones) returns to NY after spending most of his life being trained by monks in the Himalayas to harness the power of the Iron Fist. The corporate Manhattan culture of "Iron Fist" is very far removed from the Hell's Kitchen of "Daredevil" and the Harlem of "Luke Cage".

Danny returns to NY 15 years later, wanting to reclaim his life and identity. That's a huge fall from Marvel's Jessica Jones' first season, which is Certified Fresh with 93 percent, and Marvel's Luke Cage, with 96 percent. "Iron Fist" completes the quartet of Marvel superheroes on Netflix.

Iron Fist further developed the threat of the Hand, revealing another twist in their resurrection narrative.

I like him, but Jones is clearly expecting a grilling. Jones has tried to defend the show. But then, we shouldn't nitpick on logic with this one. We look at identity, and responsibility to identity. This show is pretty awesome with all the mystical elements surrounding the superhero's origin story.

When Danny returns to NY after years spent training with monks, disheveled and shoeless and claiming to be the heir to a vast fortune, nobody from his old life recognizes him, and he's dismissed repeatedly as insane. After all, Iron Fist has the power! You want to enjoy it - and there are many moments when you will - but it is impossible, despite your positive comic-book-loving chi, to watch this show and not have your viewing experience tainted by the controversy that has surrounded it since Jones was cast as Danny Rand. "But that storyline is more about the perception of mental illness, and how society treats the outsider". The casting of white actor Jones in the lead role of Danny Rand, a martial arts expert has been a particular bone of contention with critics, calling his casting "racially uncomfortable". His parents owned a big, successful company in NY but their death left it all in the hands of their business partner Harold Meachum (David Wenham), our scarridy little villain who loves to play dead.

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. "We don't have her self-awareness". But it's him that really needs her, Jones noted: "Danny needs a strong female figure in his life, Since losing his mother, all he's ever craved is some kind of feminine strength, to kind of nurture him and be by his side whilst he undergoes this transition". "Everyone" includes his family friends - a brother and sister pair who now manage that business empire - and a no-nonsense martial artist named Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), who he crosses paths with.

From her perspective, Danny is a random homeless man she gives money to. In a world where we already have the depressed white guy with Daredevil (although he gets mad points for being blind AF while brutally beating people down), a snarky white woman, and the indestructible black dude, what in Marvel's right mind thought that the next step would be two steps back, with a calm heir to a corporation that also dabbles in kung fu? It's not unusual for a freshman show to take a while to find its footing, but the stakes are high here thanks to the pressure of the upcoming Defenders team-up.

To become the Iron Fist, Danny had to face-off against an immortal dragon known as Shou-Lao The Undying. Colleen Wing, on the other hand, would fit right in.

  • Kyle Peterson