Starburst Releases Limited-Edition All-Pink Pack

Not since they changed their name from Opal Fruits has there been such cause for excitement: Starburst has announced it is to release an all-pink pack next month.

The good news? Starbrust tells NBC4 you'll be able to buy the limited edition candy in select stores nationwide, including Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Kroger, Meijer, H-E-B and Amazon.

I The red and pink mixture "received enormous consumer love", Matt Montei, senior director of confections at Wrigley, said in an email.

He added, "The Pink conversation and fanfare has continued to grow so we made a decision to act". Instead, the company said it's finally giving fans what they've been demanding for years with whole packs of the single flavor. A smaller, all-pink Starburst stick is also available.

She added that 'over half of all references to Starburst on social media are about pink Starburst'.

Now those people won't have to search for the pink because there will be all pink packs!

Yes, Starburst has answered your prayers and are offering All Pink Starbursts!

For those who aren't fanatical about flavors, pink Starburst are strawberry flavored, while the others are cherry (red), orange (orange, obviously) and the much-derided lemon (yellow).

Eating a pink Starburst feels special.

  • Santos West