How to watch Michigan State basketball vs

Michigan State vs. Miami FL at 8:20 p.m.

The red-hot Wolverines, of course, are the latter, having courageously gathered their wits after what could have been a devastating plane crash to win four straight games and capture the Big Ten Tournament crown as the No. 8 seed.

Michigan State bet has paid off in the first round and the Spartans are now a solid 18-15 against the spread, while the over against Miami brought their O/U record to 16-17.

Long-distance shooting - or lack thereof - will play a major role in this meeting too. "I don't think we're afraid of anybody, because we've already played some of those teams".

While the Michigan State first round win isn't all that surprising, very few outside the hardcore Spartans' fans have expected this. ". That means we're a bad seed a lot of time, so I don't feel as good about that as maybe I should".

"You look at that potential matchup if you advance past the first game of Miami and Michigan State and you say, 'Didn't Miami beat Duke?'" Self said. The Arkansas senior big man had three nasty blocks against Seton Hall to go with 23 points and six rebounds in a bounce-back performance from his controversial finish in the SEC Tournament, where he was ejected after a flagrant foul on De'Aaron Fox in the final minutes. Evans was responsible for 49 of Oklahoma State's 91 points in 36 minutes.

The game closed with MI as a 2.5-point favorite over Oklahoma State, meaning that after Wilson's free throws, the Wolverines were covering.

I doubt it. Kansas opened at -8 and will likely draw some attention, so go ahead and grab them early. All four average 27.6 minutes or more, with all but Mykhailiuk playing 30-plus. Miami's rebounding and defense which had been their strengths all season failed them on Friday night.

The dream run of 2017 continues for MI, from a plane crash to a Big Ten conference title and now a win in the best game of the tournament to this point.

Frank Mason - Kansas has one of the best collection of guards in the country.

"But I don't really remember much about the clock". "Once we're off the court we do a great job of taking care of our bodies and getting in the hot tub, cold tub, recovery booths and getting with our trainers and things like that to make sure we're feeling a lot better for the next day".

Cowboys finish the season 20-13, and on a four-game losing streak and have not won a NCAA Tournament games since beating Tennessee in 2009. "You definitely could tell". After the lull in play, both teams put the pedal down and started to play their game. As soon as Bridges got going against Miami, Michigan State's offense was unstoppable.

Oklahoma State's progress throughout the season shows promise for next season.

"I just heard it 10 minutes ago, so it shocks me", Self said of the news that Underwood was moving on to IL.

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