The Most Hilariously Janky Mass Effect Andromeda Animations

The Most Hilariously Janky Mass Effect Andromeda Animations


With EA Access and Origin Access subscribers getting access to Mass Effect Andromeda this week, and more and more gameplay videos going live, people have called attention to some of the in-game animations and bugs they've seen (beware of spoilers in the above video).

Indeed Andromeda's character models and general animations - walking, name it - have come under heavy fire, and though BioWare will no doubt move to rectify the situation in due time, don't expect those improvements to begin rolling out on day one. In response he said "No". Frazier responded, "At day 1?"

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth installation of BioWare's Mass Effect series of games and is probably the most awaited game of the year so far.

In fact, if you want to know what Mass Effect: Andromeda's day-one update is like, those with early access on PC and Xbox One are already playing it. No, that ship has sailed.

In other news, Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer microtransaction prices have been revealed. We won't even go into the joker smiles that seem to be a recurring theme in Mass Effect games.

BioWare is a team renowned for its RPGs, specifically the companion characters it creates and the writing of its games, so expectations are high and should the story shine through fans will forgive the odd visual flaw.

  • Terrell Bush