Protesters wave confederate flag outside of NCAA basketball games

There is a Confederate flag being flown outside an NCAA Tournament arena in SC.

'Freedom of speech activities on public property in areas surrounding the arena are managed by the city of Greenville and we are supportive of the city's efforts'. Our state is progressive.

Both Duke and North Carolina are scheduled to play at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville on Sunday. Our state has incredible people that's about moving forward.

In July 2015, the NCAA lifted its ban on hosting championship events in the state of SC after state lawmakers voted to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse and Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill to officially bring it down. People have freedoms to do whatever they want to do with themselves and their property.

"But it's America. We have freedoms". All I know is this unbelievable university and state has taken in a son of Cuban immigrants that's married to a Jamaican woman, has mixed kids, and they've treated me like I'm one of their own from Day 1. It's a united state.

In 2002, the NAACP held a march in downtown Greenville to protest the state flying the flag on Statehouse grounds during the NCAA regionals at the arena.

The group arrived Sunday morning, raising the flag from the back of a pickup truck. Church in Charleston, S.C. Dylan Roof, who was found guilty in federal court of the murders, had been pictured in several online posts displaying the flag while espousing White supremacist rantings. Last year, the NCAA banned championship games from North Carolina due to the anti-transgender HB2 legislation, and then moved some March Madness games from Greensboro to Greenville.

Normally, it would have taken some time for SC to get added back into the hosting rotation, due to how far in advance tournaments and championships are scheduled - but luckily for them, another state stepped in to show its bigotry.

Judith Browne Dianis - the executive director of the Advancement Project, an American nonprofit focusing on racial justice issues - said that there are too many people in these states that still celebrate symbols of racism and oppression, and that the Confederate flag can not be disconnected from slavery or the legacy of Jim Crow in America.

Hunter Meadows, who was among those protesting with the flag on Sunday, told the Associated Press that the flag and its supporters shouldn't be blamed for Roof's actions.

Some basketball fans said the Confederate flag shouldn't be there.

  • Rogelio Becker