Royal Jordanian Airlines Says It's Banning Electronics From US-Bound Flights

The carrier said that laptops, tablets, DVD players and electronic games must be stored in checked baggage for its flights. Then, sometime this afternoon, Royal Jordanian deleted that tweet, further adding to the confusion.

The airline also indicated that the policy will go into effect on Tuesday March 21, 2017.

Unfortunately, as aviation security expert Jeffrey Price told the AP, "some laptops have batteries that can catch fire and it's easier to detect it when it's in the cabin rather than burning in the hold".

A spokesperson for Homeland Security would not comment on the potential security precautions, but said the department would "provide an update when appropriate".

A congressional aide told the Associated Press Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly informed lawmakers of security issues related to the upcoming electronics ban over the weekend.

The ban will apply to devices larger than a mobile phone, the official said. It's unclear which countries and airlines are actually affected by this, for example.

The official told CNN that there is a security concern regarding passengers boarding non-stop flights to the US from some specific countries.

Meanwhile people are responding to the Royal Jordanian post and seem super frustrated with the sudden rule change. IATA did not immediately comment. Global carriers Saudia, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa didn't immediately return requests for comment.

Royal Jordanian has trolled Trump in the past. While early reports suggested that this was a 96-hour ban, it now looks like the airlines will have 96 hours to comply with this order.

"Fly to the United States with RJ now that you're allowed to", the ad read, along with a headline that crossed out "Ban" to say "Bon Voyage!"

  • Eleanor Harrison