Hackers demand Apple pay ransom or they'll remotely wipe iDevices

Hackers demand Apple pay ransom or they'll remotely wipe iDevices


Apple has denied that its systems have been compromised after a hacker group calling itself the "Turkish Crime Family" claimed to have gained access to the login details of more than 500 million Apple email and iCloud accounts, according to a Fortune report.

"There have not been any breaches in any of Apple's systems including iCloud and Apple ID", a company spokesperson told us today via email.

Fortune has learned that Apple believes that the data claimed to be from the breach came from third-party sources that may have been compromised.

Further, the spokesperson made it clear that the company is keeping a close watch on unauthorized access to user accounts and is working in close collaboration with law enforcement to catch the criminals. Numerous email accounts and passwords are said to match a previous breach at LinkedIn. In the meantime, it wouldn't be a bad idea to change your Apple account password and enable two-factor authentication if you haven't already done so.

If so, are they outsourced within the United States or outside the US? If the tech giant wouldn't pay, they would reset a number of iCloud accounts and remotely wipe Apple devices.

The hackers have given Apple until April 7 before they claim they will perform the factory rest and wipe of all the data they are claiming to have control over. It's also not uncommon for hackers to use journalists as megaphones to bring attention to their claims, even when their threats are empty.

The hackers uploaded a video to YouTube that shows them purportedly logging into iCloud accounts using the stolen credentials.

The hacking group also claimed that they had been in contact with Apple and were demanding $75,000 in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, or $100,000 in Apple gift cards. It is said the accessed iCloud account is that of an elderly woman, and it contains backed-up photos.

"We're doing this because we can, and mainly to spread awareness for Karim Baratov & Kerem Albayrak which both are being detained for the Yahoo hack and one of them is most probably facing heavy sentencing in America", they said. The group has given Apple (aapl) a deadline of April 7 to meet its demands. In one instance, an Apple security team member asked if the hackers were willing to provide a "sample or the data set", possibly to verify the validity of the data and make sure that the accounts were indeed breached.

  • Terrell Bush