Goon MP Gaikwad Barred from Flying In India

Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad, who assaulted an Air India staff member on Thursday, has left for Mumbai in a train, after he was denied ticket by different airlines.

After he refused to apologise to the Air India staffer whom he assaulted on Thursday, the airline not only cancelled his ticket for New Delhi-Pune flight scheduled for today but also blacklisted the Shiv Sena MP.

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju has said that strict action would be taken against Gaikwad.

In a press statement, Ujjwal Dey, associate director Federation of India Airlines said, "Air India and FIA member airlines have made a decision to ban this MP from flying on all our flights with immediate effect".

The MP had been told he could not fly business class on the Pune to Delhi flight because it was an all-economy flight, reports say.

"I am Shiv Sena member, not of BJP, to entertain abuses (hurled at me)", he said adding he "will not apologise".

Police received two complaints - one from Air India and the other from Sukumar.

Gaikwad admitted hitting the Air India employee with his slippers.

Later, another airline Vistara too banned the 56-year-old MP from boarding its flight. I hit him 25 times with my sandal.

Gaikwad had an open ticket in business class with Air India which allows a passenger to take a flight on any date.

Air India, has been preparing a no-fly list of passengers, with a history of bad behaviour, while flying on the airline.

The rules state that "no person onboard an aircraft shall assault, intimidate or threaten, whether physically or verbally a crew member/ any person.Which is likely to endanger the safety of the aircraft or of any person". "I will not apologise", the MP said on Friday, suggesting his party would support him in the fight. "We are transferring the case to Crime Branch for thorough probe", Delhi Police spokesperson Dependra Pathak said.

But the Sena MP is not the only only to show such outright offensive and remorseless behaviour.

Mr Gaikwad said he had no regrets.

As the chorus for action against the 57-year-old lawmaker grew stronger, Indian Aviation Minister quipped, "No citizen should ever resort to any kind of physical assault let alone an Member of Parliament".

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