'Mama June' is skinny now

Mama June Shannon revealed her incredible size 4 figure on the Friday, March 31, episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, and the reality star's new svelte silhouette is a jaw-dropper.

The reality star, born June Shannon, was happy to announce to the world that she went from 462 pounds to 162 pounds by going under the knife, eating right, and exercising.

Check out her total transformation below...

There's also no denying that she looks phenomenal.

"I've worked my ass off, working out getting healthy", Mama June said during the finale. "I'm finally going to be the skinny Mama June that I've always seen myself as".

Mama June's weight loss journey was not easy for her.

Alana says of Mama June's new bod: 'She looks like Marilyn Monroe'.

WE tv offered Mama June the flawless opportunity to not only get back out there after her divorce, but to also show her daughters a good example of a healthy life in "Mama June: From Not to Hot".

"You are looking hot, Mama", Brenda tells her as she's waking up.

She explains, "These surgeries are a lot more invasive and recovery time is more than that".

While producers are keeping most of the finale show under wraps, they have shown Mama June in the red dress - and online buzz about the episode teased that Mama June's ex-boyfriend "Sugar Bear" Thompson re-invites her to his wedding.

The mom-of-four previously planned to undergo body transformation for a revelation photo shoot and to show it during her ex-husband's wedding with now-wife, Jennifer Lamb.

She has attributed her ex's nuptials as the primary driving force behind her desire to lose weight.

Mama June replied, "I'm glad the girls know that I'm okay because I was anxious about them being anxious because the surgery took so long".

"I'm really proud of her", Honey Boo Boo said on camera during the show.

  • Annette Adams