Netflix is looking for a thumbs-up as star ratings fade away

This was a problem because people weren't as motivated to rate titles when they thought they were just a drop in the bucket of all Netflix reviews.

According to the new Netflix rating system, a thumbs-up lets the company know that you like a title and will use this information to offer future content suggestions.

The change isn't so much one of functionality as it is of intuitiveness, created to get more people involved and increase accuracy, in turn.

Netflix believes that users find the current star system confusing. It doesn't factor in how other users have rated the video.

"Netflix has had star ratings for much of our history, but we've learned through over a year of testing that while we've used stars to help you personalize your suggestions, many of our members are confused about what they do", Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation, explains in a blog post.

However, star ratings were not an accurate representation of how a user feels about things, and Netflix has introduced a much simpler way of appreciating or disliking content - thumbs up and thumbs down, which leaves no margin for error.

By giving a film or TV show a thumbs-up, this will tell Netflix that you like something and want to see similar suggestions - or not. The company says when it tested out thumbs ratings, it saw a 200% increase in ratings activity. A thumbs down means that you are not interested in this particular title and do not want Netflix to recommend to you any similar content ever again. "The more we can personalize, it's going to lead to a much better experience". So you will start seeing shows that are a 90 percent match, for example. We found a simpler way to help you find the flawless match. Hopefully, Netflix's diamonds in the rough will get more attention under the Thumbs system, and the site will stop insisting I check out Egyptian Belly Dancing for Beginners.

Alright, Netflix, what you say. Basically if you like a certain kind of content, you are bound to like content appreciated by other people who like your type of content.

  • Joey Payne