Ford Designed a Crib That Replicates Riding in a vehicle

The tiny bed is outfitted with LEDs that glow in a hue similar to passing street lights, while a speaker on the bottom produces ambient noise in the form of muffled engine sounds.

Ford has designed and built a crib that simulates vehicle journeys to help your baby fall asleep. However, due to the overwhelming interest, Ford is considering a full-scale production. Fisher Price had a similar idea with its Cruisin' Motion Soother, and there has also been at least one device built to secure to a crib and provide auto ride-like vibrations.

However, this is not the first instance of a smart crib. Thus, after the baby has fallen asleep, you can transform it into a regular crib.

There are dozens of useless and overpriced baby "gadgets", but I think I speak for millions of parents who would relish the thought of a good night's sleep without doing any night driving when I say this definitely needs to be a thing.

The most impressive feature, however, might be the accompanying smartphone app that allows users to track and record their car's sounds and movements from a route.

What you're seeing here is a baby crib designed and built by Ford. "The Max Motor Dreams could make the everyday lives of a lot of people a little bit better". When it's Ford you can't expect them to miss the minute details. The Max Motor Dreams is a marketing gimmick created to help sell more Ford Max vehicles to families in Europe, but if it actually works, it could be a huge timesaver for beleaguered parents.

  • Joey Payne