Stargazing 2017: Full 'Pink Moon' to Illuminate the Skies on April 11

Sadly though, the moon doesn't actually turn pink.

And the one that appears in April is known as the Pink Moon, though it might not appear to be exactly pink in colour.

The practice of naming moons is well established and it's why we have the Blue Moon and the Green Moon. According to, it's given that name for the wild ground phlox that are blooming through the United States and Canada in the spring. The full moon, that will occur tonight, commonly referred to as the Pink Moon, marks the onset of spring. The Pink Moon also helps determine the date of Easter, which is the first Sunday following the moon. It will be a normal colored like all other full moons that come out every 29.5 days. Still, the history behind the name is fascinating: Back in the day, people used moons as a way to keep time throughout the year.

The full moon which will appear next month is called the Flower Moon and the Strawberry Moon will hang in the sky in June.

Why is the Pink Moon special?

This nighttime spectacle can be enjoyed from in between April 10 and 12 as during this period, the moon will seem full. This year Easter falls on 16 April, a week after the Pink Moon.

The full moon will be at its peak at 2:08 a.m. Eastern Time and Monday night at 11:08 p.m.

Well, this month's is more important than any other as it marks the beginning of several religious holidays.

  • Joey Payne