'Charging Bull' Sculptor Demands 'Fearless Girl' Statue Be Moved

The artist behind the "Charging Bull" statue on Wall Street is accusing New York City of violating his rights by allowing the "Fearless Girl" statue to stare down his artwork.

To mark this year's International Women's Day, a statue of "Fearless Girl" was erected opposite one of a "Charging Bull".

The Associated Press reports the sculptor will have a Wednesday, April 12 news conference to explain what he's challenging officials on.

"How did the process happen and should permits be revoked?" the attorney, Norman Siegel, said in an interview on Wednesday, adding that his client ought to have been consulted. According to The Washington Post, he believe the "Fearless Girl" statue has changed the integrity of his own creation, and also believes this is merely an advertising trick.

Arturo Di Modica, the artist behind the original bull, is not amused.

"Fearless Girl", he suggested, could be relocated outside any number of NY firms with poor records on gender equality, or indeed in any other United States city.

"The message is for freedom in the world, peace, strength, power and love". Authorities originally removed the work, but later reinstalled it after public outcry made clear that New Yorkers wanted the bull to stay.

As "Fearless Girl" was heralded by many as a symbol for female empowerment, Di Modica doled out sharp criticism, casting the statue as not art, but a publicity stunt by the gender-oriented company that commissioned it.

"We were focusing on making a statement about the future of Wall Street", Visbal told CNN Money last month.

This bold presence received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the public, which caused Mayor Bill de Blasio to extend Fearless Girl's city permit for almost one year.

The work was created to draw attention to women in leadership and the lack of women in Wall Street boardrooms. "SHE makes a difference".

In this March 22, 2017 photo, the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl.

The firm that commissioned the statue made no immediate comment but has a powerful ally in the form of the NY mayor.

"None of us here today are in any way not proponents of gender equality but there are issues of copyright and trademark", he said.

  • Eleanor Harrison