Tyga was arrested in LA last night and it's looking VERY sketchy

He must have passed his tests though, because he was released after 90 minutes and went home with only a traffic ticket. Shortly after he started driving his auto, cops pulled him over. News, police pulled him over for running a stop sign and having no license plates. Well, we know that the rapper doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to caring for his cars, and THATS what did him in.

Other officers were seen surrounding the auto, and after a brief conversation, it appeared that Tyga was asked to step out of his vehicle before he was led away by the arm by a policeman.

TMZ reports that he was taken to the station for a possible DUI.

Tyga was then taken to the station when he was given a citation for a minor traffic violation.

When asked by paparazzi why he was being arrested, Tyga said: "Because I have paper plates".

In 2016 California introduced a bill that made it illegal for drivers to own a vehicle without licence plates, and when buying a auto, the dealer must supply temporary plates until permanent ones are bought.

Tyga told paparazzi why he was detained and that his Mercedes G Wagon was brand new.

Tyga - who has a four-year-old son, King Cairo, with former partner Blac Chyna and recently split from girlfriend Kylie Jenner - has frequently suffered legal issues over the years.

  • Kyle Peterson