'Doctor Who' resets with new companion

Pearl Mackie, who plays the Doctor's new gay companion Bill, said: "Series 10 is a lot to do with the relationship between the Doctor, Bill and Nardole [an alien played by Matt Lucas]".

There have been calls for Capaldi's replacement, after three years as the Time Lord, to be the first female Doctor. He said: "I'll have done 40 episodes of Doctor Who..."

"Theres so many wonderful people out there that Id like to play, and so many characters that dont exist yet that Id like to play". In January, he announced he's leaving after this season, noting "it's time to move on".

DOCTOR WHO writer Steven Moffat has said he and star Peter Capaldi will hide behind the sofa together as they watch the eagerly awaited new episode of the popular sci-fi show. Moffat says. "From a fan point of view, we were right". I think she's got a great instinct about her, great vigor, and great comic chops.

Speaking in the same interview as Capaldi, Pearl revealed: 'I rocked up in my Afro and bright yellow trainers and a baggy T-shirt, into this big glossy octagon foyer and they told me to wait in a room till they were ready for me.

Season 10 of Doctor Who premieres April 15 at 9 p.m. on Space. It came back when I was 16 and I was probably hanging out in parks and doing silly things.

She'd also done barely any TV before her audition, which she described as "kind of mad, actually, because it's all top-secret". "Joining the story as what creators called 'Woman Ten", Bill is an intelligent, but cocky, canteen assistant at St Luke's University in Bristol, where the Doctor teaches. "I do not want them to see the Doctor swearing".

When Mackie arrived on set in Valencia, Spain, she received welcome gifts, including a card from Coleman with tips on what not to eat in the cafeteria and such. "I know the answer, he told me", Moffat laughs. So watching someone do the job that you're about to do, brilliantly - all the companions have been fantastic - you'd be mad as an actor not to go "Oh that's good, I'm gonna have that".

  • Kyle Peterson