Last 'Cocaine Cowboy' arrested after 26 years on the run

Notorious Miami Cocaine Cowboy, Gustavo Falcon has been arrested after being on the run for 26 years while going on a bike ride with his wife.

Falcon was known as a "Cocaine Cowboy" and is the brother of reknown drug smuggler Augusto "Willie" Falcon.

Federal officials said Falcon had fake driver's licenses dating back to 1997 that used fake addresses in Miami in his possession during his arrest.

Golden said although Falcon tried to maintain the name on his license, he eventually confirmed his identity before being booked without resistance in the Orange County Jail. It would be another several weeks of watching Falcon's rental property in suburban Kissimmee before marshals felt comfortable enough to move on him - and even then, officers had to wait and watch while Falcon and his wife embarked on a 40-mile bike ride Wednesday.

The home of Gustavo "Taby" Flacon sits vacant in a quiet suburb in Kissimmee, Fla., on Thursday, April 13, 2017, the day after his arrest for drug smuggling.

"He was the last of the Cocaine Cowboys", Golden said late Wednesday night. Augusto, however, disappeared after being charged and was not officially seen since 1991 until yesterday.

"We figured this all out a month ago, " Golden told the Miami Herald.

Willie and Magluta are both serving lengthy prison terms, but Gustavo had been on the lam since 1991.

Authorities had accused the trio of smuggling 75 tons of cocaine, worth more than $2billion, into the United States between 1978 and 1991. She also had fake identification, in the name of Maria Reiss. It's not clear where he was during all the other years, but officials say it's believed he was living overseas for some of that time.

Willy and Magluta were acquitted in 1996 of the charges after it was discovered they bought off witnesses and at least one jury member.

Magluta was retried and convicted of money laundering in 2002. That was reduced to 195 years in 2006.

Willie Falcon, who took a plea deal in 2003, only got 20 years in prison and is scheduled to be released this June, the newspaper reported.

"They were guys who went from nothing to having just about anything they could imagine that they wanted", he said.

  • Kyle Peterson