Samsung delays key part of new voice assistant Bixby - the 'voice' part

However, some analysts say that not including Bixby Voice in the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 is a sign that the Korean telecommunications firm has learned from their past debacle. Such capabilities will be coming to the S8 later this spring, while the digital helper's other features will be available when the phone launches on April 21.

Samsung has been putting out "Active" variants of its top Galaxy phones for years now, but there have been enough changes between the S7 and S8 that there's some uncertainty as to what it'll look like. At the beginning of this week, Samsung announced that USA smartphone buyers have been enamored of the Galaxy S8/S8+ and have been showing their love by pre-ordering the new models in large numbers.

Thanks to the strong demands initiated by the fans, the company now won't have a hard time in recovering from all expenses made over the safety failures of the Galaxy Note 7.

In its native South Korea, pre-orders surpassed 600,000 units in just five days.

The latest flagship Galaxy S8 series would help the company to regain consumer trust after the failure with its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung Electronics' mobile communications business said during a press conference in Seoul on Thursday.

Official sales of the Galaxy S8 is to begin at both home and overseas on April 21.

Rumors related to the Samsung Galaxy X release date speculate that the upcoming dual-screen bendable smartphone may witness a release later this year, Android Central reported.

The company had previously announced that the S8 would come shipped with its new voice assistant, Bixby. "Even if it takes time, we will stay calm and have time to recover the Chinese market".

To remind you of the smartphone's specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S8 sports a 5.8-inch QHD+ curved Super AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. But with an IP68 rating already on board the biggest draw here will likely be added impact resistance if they can avoid beating the S8 with the ugly stick too much.

  • Joey Payne