These 13 Reasons Why Memes Are Missing The Point

For as long as I can remember, compassion has never been considered as cool. I still see her in my dreams. Shouldn't it be the opposite? "Porter (Derek Luke), who was the subject of the 13th tape, but another set was given to Hannah's parents (Kate Walsh and Brian D'Arcy James) as their case against the school in regards to her suicide went ahead full steam ahead". The haunting, and at times brutal 13 episode series tackles the alarming pressures and pitfalls of high school life, as experienced by one teen suicide victim, Hannah (Katherine Langford), who recorded tapes for each of the people whose varying degrees of hurtful behaviors have played a part in her decision to end her life. "I don't think the show is affecting what the book is saying". It will change the way you approach and treat others, and hopefully it will change how and whether you judge others based on assumptions. It is not attention they seek, but to be treated as a human being with respect. Writing for Cosmopolitan, Lauren Hoffman shares her own experiences as a suicidal teen and explains her take on the show.

It Would Diminish Hannah's Story.

. I thought it was well written and really hooked the reader in.

While this was a reread for me, it continues to be highly recommended.

I view this show as a form of promoting social awareness - not only about bullying, all forms of assault and suicide, but also basic human compassion and how it can positively impact those around you. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Asher keeps it open-ended. I needed someone to listen, not a lecture. Whether it's a bad household, overbearing parents, a need to be ideal, chances are, you will see bits and pieces of yourself in one or more of the characters introduced. If you have seen the Netflix show and want to check out the source material, Amazon has deals on the book right now. Everyone's still hiding. Everyone acts exactly like their peers.

I wish 13 Reasons Why existed when I was in high school so there could have been an open dialogue on depression and anxiety. No one cared to ask if I wanted to sit with them, and I didn't want to impose on the one friend I did make within that first week of school. They think they're alone in all of this. Reasons for suicide tend to build. But what happens when these kids do take their lives because they felt unimportant and unwelcome their entire lives?

The first episode begins when one of Baker's former bullies, Clay, gets the cassettes.

Now, I will not spill the beans on what the specific details of the novel or the show, because I firmly believe every person should go watch it and decipher for themselves what the big picture is, but this show is definitely worth the watch.

That's why we see R-rated films, isn't it? It all starts with a choice; a choice that exudes confidence and accountability for your actions.

  • Kyle Peterson