April the giraffe in NY giving birth before online audience

She has never lost a baby nor had a stillborn, according to the zoo.

Now the time has finally come. The park has said it will hold a contest to name the baby. Given the long waiting period, some skeptics even declared the pregnancy a hoax or April Fool's joke. Saturday's birth should alleviate those criticisms. The new addition's six-foot-fall to the ground was a normal occurerence, keepers said.

"Light discharge continues", the update reads. One of these changes is increased pacing in addition to pushing and contractions.

But the giraffe was clearly not ready and it took her another two weeks before the baby arrived. Oliver, April's partner is five.

That's because zoologists have told various media outlets that the only way to tell a giraffe is about to give birth is when you see hooves. You can also watch that video below as it streamed live.

April's webcam became so popular that it was targeted by pranksters on YouTube who reported it as sexually explicit and temporarily shut it down. Toys R Us sponsored the livestream. The Animal Adventure Park was true to their word and began live streaming the birth via Facebook. "Made possible in part by their sponsorship, Animal Adventure Park will be donating $25,000 to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation!"

The park revealed on Instagram just a few short hours after the birth that April had delivered a bouncing baby boy.

Although closed for the season, the park had been live streaming April's maternity on the park's "Giraffe Cam" on YouTube on and off since February 10, when she was due to give birth.

  • Rogelio Becker