These Vehicles Are Modified To Look Like Famous 'Star Wars' Characters

Star Wars: Battlefront II is definitely happening and it will have a single-player story (if you still had any doubts). And when there are individuals who fall into both categories, the results are pretty incredible.

Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni and select members of the voice cast are on hand for the Rebels Season 4 Panel today at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

Less than two years after its premiere, Star Wars Rebels has become an immensely celebrated animated series and its characters have become as beloved as anyone seen in a live-action film.

All of these are pretty awesome, but our personal favorite has to be the Darth Vader Hot Wheels vehicle. "We loved each other, but we would fight, we were judgmental..." a statement that lead him to share an illustrative anecdote: "does that make me royalty?" "As attracted as I was to her, I couldn't handle her as a girlfriend".

"The Force Awakens" actor admitted he had fallen for the late actress and his co-star - who passed away in December 2016 after suffering a heart attack - at one point in his life and says he was "under her spell".

A new poster for the movie was earlier revealed by the makers during the "Star Wars Celebration" fan event in Florida.

The footage focuses on Rey being trained by Luke Skywalker.

Marvel and Lucasfilm are teaming up for a new Star Wars miniseries to help fans bridge the period between the ending of The Force Awakens and Rian Johnson's upcoming The Last Jedi. "What Rian [Johnson] wrote, and the performance she [Fisher] ended up giving; I think you guys will find that an fantastic tribute to her talent".

"I went to Carrie's trailer because that was the place to go to".

"I'd been eating really healthy and clean, working out all the time, and I just wanted a chocolate bar, " Boyega said.

  • Kyle Peterson