Where to Listen to Kendrick Lamar's New Album DAMN

Where to Listen to Kendrick Lamar's New Album DAMN


Lamar also makes his views on the current United States presidency clear in more than one track, singing in XXX: "Donald Trump's in office, we lost Barack and promised never to doubt him again, but is America honest or do we bask in sin?"

Here, he ties together the news cycle, Trump, and the fundamental changes to our country and our democracy has undergone since he last released an album.

The theory also connects Lamar to Jesus, dropping his first project on Good Friday, with the sequel arriving on Easter. Theory has it that is an anagram for "Earth led 2 death".

After Rivera called Lamar "irresponsible" after his 2015 BET Awards performance where the rapper stood on top of a police vehicle and broke free of chains, Lamar rapped about Rivera on his new album which dropped on Thursday.

After causing a frenzy with the one-off "The Heart Part 4" and the show-stealer "Humble", music heads and the like have been thirsty for Kendrick Lamar's fourth studio album.

Internet sleuths have decided that "TOC" stands for "The Other Color". The first two tracks of the album, "BLOOD.' and 'DNA.' feature samples from Fox News in which host Geraldo Rivera takes a swipe at the rapper's performance of 'Alright" at the 2015 BET Awards.

Lamar has shared the cover artwork, which is a close-up shot of himself with the album's title across the top of the picture. He followed it with an image of Morpheus from the film "The Matrix". If you recall, he notably discussed the red pill and blue pill during the film. One of the biggest mysteries that fans are obsessing over, aside from the Easter Sunday theory, is the identity of producer Bekon. Open to so many interpretations and make you think.

  • Terrell Bush