Bride, groom reportedly kicked off of United flight

Despite their flight delay, Hohl and Maxwell still plan to Wednesday on Thursday.

A bride and groom on their way to Costa Rica for their wedding reported being kicked off their United Airlines flight Saturday, after finding their seats taken by a sleeping man and deciding to sit in open seats instead. From there, they told KHOU, they arrived at their seats only to find a man stretched out across the entire row and napping.

He added they did not think it would be a problem because the flight was half full with several empty rows.

Unfortunately for them, the unassigned jump from row 24 to 21 meant they were now sitting in an upgraded "economy plus" area. But the seat was Economy Plus, and they had only bought Economy tickets. They complied and returned after asking for a seat upgrade and being told no, they said. Michael said that they did go back to their seats, but a U.S. Marshall still came onto the plane and removed them. But moments later, according to Hohl, a USA marshal came onto the plane and asked them to disembark, to which they also complied.

But United released the following statement to Houston-based KHOU saying the couple refused to listen to the flight crew.

"These passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats", the statement said. They rebooked for Sunday, but said this was their last flight on United Airlines.

United Airlines has dominated headlines with one outrageous incident after another.

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United is already facing litigation after a doctor was dragged of a flight last week.

After the incident triggered global outrage, United Chief Executive Oscar Munoz apologized to Dao, his family and its customers, saying the carrier would no longer use law enforcement officers to remove passengers from overbooked flights.

Hohl said that the incident showed "customer service and the airlines have gone real downhill".

United Airlines hardly needs any more bad press these days - consider the viral stories including leggings-clad teens, forceful and bloody seat removal, and even a mid-air scorpion bite.

  • Eleanor Harrison